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I created a new blog with a different focus from this one. The blog’s called The Sky And The Horizon. You could view it here.

You could help me in developing the blog by submitting to me pictures that could warm the hearts and fill up the stomach of one’s soul. Thanks ^_^


Ideas Positive: SMR

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Future of Social Media: The Semantic Web

We know what social media could do. We know its potential. We know how it changed the world. But right now, social media is still at its infancy. What else could social media offer to us? What is the future of social media? Read more of this post

The Commercial Disappointment That Might Be The Potential Social Media Future?

Has anyone of you heard Google Wave? Read more of this post

Brands of the Future

Starbucks, McDonalds, Johnson and Johnson’s…you name it.  They’re the biggest brands around. It’s as if the world of commerce revolves around them. With the advent of social media, will it still be the same? Read more of this post

How Social Media Changes Online Role Playing

I have mentioned in an earlier blog post that people use the net as an output for their frustrations in real-life communication. People used to take on online “roles” once they log on to the net. Several journals found in the net cite studies that show how shy people become outspoken on the net. Back then, there was a “divide” between one’s online life (second life) and real life. Read more of this post

Gaia Online: Utilizing Every Use of Social Media

You guys know I love playing online games and participating in forums. You might have read in my previous blogs how I love community involvement through the use of forums and how I branded online games as a form of social media. Well, about four days ago I found Gaia Online, which is a good mixture of a forum-based website that incorporates the features of online games. I found it quite interesting, and with this I would like to feature it here. Read more of this post


Back in highschool when social networking sites were still in its infancy here in the Philippines, my friends and I used to create dummy accounts to stalk our crushes, post anonymous messages over the net, and shout our hearts out to the world. Although it was very convenient for us, anonymity, in general, isn’t. Read more of this post

Online Games: A Form of New Social Media

Online Games. They range from MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Games) published by big-time companies to casual games featured in Facebook. Unlike other forms of social media, online games aren’t purposefully made as a medium for communication. Online Games became an accidental medium for communication. Read more of this post

Community Involvement

This time around, I would like to shift my attention to online community communication. I have been always entranced by the dynamism of community involvement in forums. I often spend a huge amount of time reading several topics in forums, usually replying to threads, and sometimes, even providing my own threads. There’s really a magic in community involvement, and I would like to post my thoughts here. Read more of this post